A section of the trail from Moro to Gumbarami. The Finisterre Mountains of Papua New Guinea are rugged. The region is steep, sheer and slippery. Rainfall is abundant. The people who live in the Nahu1 and Nahu2 census districts of Madang Province are industrious, resourceful, faithful and kind. To read stories about them, explore this SonoNahu WordPress site. “Finisterre” means “End of the Earth.” “Sono Nahu” means “Nahu water.” There is a river, Sono Nahu, that falls from the heights of the Finisterres down through ravines and valleys and finally discharges in the Ramu or Markham valley.

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Around the fire

Introduction This year is 2016. I’ve been collecting my memories, and writing them down, for anyone who may be interested. Everything I write here will be true. But I will not write everything. There are some shameful things in my history: I will leave those out, for the most part. Why? Because I do not … Continue reading Around the fire

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